Schedules for our Guests of Honor & Subterranean Press Special Guests!

Are you as excited about our 2019 Storming the ConFusion Guests of Honor and Subterranean Press Special Guests as we are? Check out their schedules:


If you’re looking to connect with our Pro Guest of Honor, Ada Palmer you can check out her schedule right HERE!


Interested in meeting up with our Science Guest of Honor, Dr. Jennifer Piatek, ? We are! You can find her schedule HERE!


Want to listen to the soothing sounds from our Music Guest of Honor, Steve Macdonald, ? You can find his schedule right HERE!


Want to meet our Fan Guest of Honor, David Stein, DI ? You can locate his schedule right HERE!


Looking forward to meeting the Special Guest of Honor, Joe R. Lansdale, during the con? You can find his schedule HERE!


Can’t wait to meet the Special Guest of Honor, Lewis Shiner, ? Check out his schedule HERE!


Storming the ConFusion is so very excited and grateful that all of these magnificent people are joining us! Thank you to Subterranean Press for being so excellent to us!


See you soon!


Camp PencilPoint

Come join the crew of Camp PencilPoint in a boisterous, interactive drawing extravaganza! Kids and parents of all ages are invited to take part in the fun, nonsense and tomfoolery. We can’t wait to see what you create with us on Saturday! You may be one of the lucky artists featured on Camp PencilPoint’s YouTube channel.


Join us:

Saturday, 11:00 am in Model T

Zoo of Death – TeenFusion

Zoo of Death: TEENFUSION

Located in Suite 124

ConFusion is proud of the fact that our TeenFusion programming is developed by Teens, for Teens. From events such as table-top gaming to programming that includes crafts & costuming or GoH SodaKlatches; our TeenFusion Staff curates some of the best programming at the con. After 8:00pm on both Friday and Saturday nights, your TeenFusion Staff is having sign in/sign out for any Teens between the ages of 13-17, and they’re asking all Teens to have a contact number on the back of their badge. (Please note that TeenFusion does not serve meals and closes during meal times.) No one under the age of 13 is permitted in the TeenFusion space after 8:00pm nightly.

Check out the Zoo of Death Programming HERE 

Join us for our Saturday Night Masquerade

Are you going to be wearing a costume/cosplay that you made? Proud,
right?  Why not join us for the Masquerade Saturday night?! There will
be great new friends, crowds cheering, and maybe a prize or two.

Stop by Ops for rules and to register.

And if we see you in the hall in a costume and like what you have
created, we might stop you suggest you enter. Any questions, ask at ops

RSVP for our Guest of Honor Dinner

Will you be joining us at the Storming the ConFusion Guest of Honor Dinner held Thursday, January 17, 2019? We hope so! Come enjoy a meal with the 2019 GoH’s, Special Guests, Conchair, ConCom, Staff and Volunteers in the Hotel Grille 39 Restaurant as we prepare for the con.

Please take a quick moment to RSVP so we can plan for seating and service. RSVP HERE

Seating will begin at approximately 7:00pm and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. By RSVP’ing you are helping to ensure we can accommodate everyone.


Hope to see you there!


ConFusion, Your Awareness Matters!

ConFusion, Your Awareness Matters!

“No more rhymes now, I mean it!”

“Anybody want a peanut?”

-William Goldman, The Princess Bride


Peanut allergy is one of the most common causes of severe allergy attacks. Peanut allergy symptoms can be life-threatening (anaphylaxis). For some people with peanut allergy, even tiny amounts of peanuts can cause a serious reaction.

While we welcome every member embracing our Storming the ConFusion theme, we are asking for your help to keep our con safe and happy. Please do not bring any open packages or containers of Peanuts into any ConFusion event/programming spaces. As a con we can celebrate this delightful quote and part of The Princess Bride without endangering each other.

Our Registration table will have offerings of Gluten-Free, candy Circus Peanuts for anyone who wants one. Our Consuite is offering a special “Here’s your peanut!” ribbon too.

Together, we can embrace our theme and keep our attendees safe. We appreciate your awareness and help in this effort. Thank you for your support.

Karaoke for a Cause is happening again at Storming the ConFusion!

Thursday night Karaoke for a Cause will happen again this year at Storming the ConFusion. All proceeds will benefit Merlin’s KIDS.  Merlin’s KIDS transforms the lives of dogs by rescuing them from shelters, training them and giving them a very meaningful purpose to their lives. These special dogs in turn help transform the lives of both the children and the adults they serve with a life long commitment to love, care for and assist….

  • Children with Autism and other Special Needs
  • Veterans that suffer with PTSD
  • Firefighters with our Disease Detection Dog program
  • Victims of Violence and Abuse with our Courtroom Cortisol Canine Program


It will be hosted by Blasted Bill Putt on Thursday night in the Big Top – Michigan Ballroom from 9pm to 1am and songs will be based on the KaraFun Library. A Facebook event has been made and is located here!

Please join us for a fun-filled time and to help this worthy cause. If you can’t make the Karaoke for a Cause event, you can still help! Donation jars will be located at the Registration Table, at Ops, and in Consuite. Swing by any location to donate.